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7 seas necklace

$5,800.00 USD
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The 7 Seas Necklace is a unique piece gathering 7 rare and large Tahitian pearls of similar overtone.

This is timeless statement piece, also an investment considering the scarcity of these organic gems.

# pearls:7 .

Shape: Round

Size: center pearl 1x17 mm, 2x16.5 mm, 2 x 16 mm, 2 x 15 mm

Color: natural Tahitian eggplant.

Grade: B/C+ pearls with very light or no blemishes

Luster: very good

Immersion time: 36 months

Strand total length: 20"

Setting type:Hand fabricated, original design in Sterling silver,  18k and 22k gold filigree and granulation, with 14k gold connectors. Oxidized handmade filigree chain with handmade Sterling silver and 22k gold clasp.

Designer: Debra Carus

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