Multicolor Tahitian Queen Strand

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Extra long Tahitian Multicolor Pearl necklace (as shown wrapped around model's right arm).

This superb pearl necklace is made of two exceptional strands connected by two vario interchangeable pearl clasps. The 64 pearls can be worn as a long classy necklace, wrapped around twice, also as a short single strand of impressive large pearls.

# pearls: 62 plus 2 interchangeable pearl vario clasps. Strand # 1 is made of 31 pearls that connects to strand #2 made of 34 pearls ...

Shape: Round

Graduated Size: 12.6 to 14.9 mm

Color: natural tahitian multicolor, grey,green, peacock, eggplant, black ...

Grade: B/C+ pearls with very light or no blemishes

Luster: very good

Immersion time: 36 months

Strand total length: 38" (stand #1:18"+ strand #2: 20")

Setting type: pearls are strung on black silk thread connected by two vario interchangeable clasps. Vario clasps are secure and invisible.

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