Black Concave Pearl Ring

$380.00 USD

The BLACK CONCAVE PEARL RING is super comfortable to wear and the Zirconia ceramic feel matches perfectly with the PRECIOUS NATURE of TAHITIAN pearls.

Zirconia ceramic is a low cost alternative to traditional gold and platinum, mined in an ecologically and friendly manner from the relatively abundant zircon sands of Australia, it is very versatile,scratch resistant, lightweight, and shatterproof.

Tahitian pearls are true ORGANIC GEMS farmed in remote atolls and islands of French Polynesia.

Your BLACK CONCAVE PEARL RING is a product of sustainable and fair trade,designed in the USA by master jewler Etienne Perret.

We offer a full one year guarantee on all Pearl Ceramique rings. All pearls mounted on our rings are are garanteed of Tahitian origin.


* Please allow us a maximum of two week delay to create your perfect ring.







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