Revere Pearl Jewelry Contest 2017 : go green with Tahitian Pearls!



SAN FRANCISCO – Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts spreads a bit of island fever for the second year in a row with an expanded Tahitian Pearl Jewelry Contest. The competition, open to all current and former Revere students – approximately 10,000 individuals – grows this year to include a category for past and present Revere Academy instructors. Grand-prize winners in both categories will receive two round-trip tickets to Tahiti.

Revere stressed that the organic Tahitian pearls offer students an opportunity to focus on green, sustainable designs. One of the reasons Revere found this project so appealing was the ability to highlight a product of fair-trade and sustainable development in contrast to industrially produced and manipulated materials.

Selection committee for the contest will be master goldsmith and author Revere, award-winning jewelry designer Sarah Graham and award-winning jeweler, designer and President of the American Jewelry Design Council Barbara Heinrich.

The contests for both student and faculty will each award a grand prize as well as cash prizes in two categories:  jewelry over $1500 and jewelry under $1500 retail. In addition to the two grand prizes, student categories will have a first, second and third place cash prizes, while instructors will have second and third place cash prizes.

“It has always been our standard that instructors are working, professional jewelers, who bring real-world experiences to share with our students,” Revere said. “I think including these instructors in their own category will really enhance the contest. We look forward to incredible designs from both groups.”

Revere students and instructors can submit entries at Deadline for submissions is August 28. Winners will be announced on Sept. 15. For more information, see the Revere Academy website at


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