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Based on the island of Tahiti, Black Market Pearls© is the source for all your pearl needs and our company is your best connection to the world of Tahitian Pearls.

To guarantee and facilitate fast and reliable shipping throughout the US and other international destinations, our loose pearl selections are stocked in Los Angeles facility and  "Made in USA" designer jewelry items ship straight from the artist studio where they are borned.

Committed to excellence, Black Market Pearls also features “Le Vault”, a genuine pearl bank professionals, artists and pearl lovers. “Le Vault” is replenished several times a year with the freshest harvests of Tahitian pearl selections graded and priced for entire customer's satisfaction.

 At Black Market Pearls, we are also proud to provide unique hand carved Tattoo Pearls©, genuine Polynesian jewel combining natural pearls and the ancestral art of Tattooing.

Proud also are we to feature Made in USA Tahitian pearl jewelry.

Black Market Pearls© Company is committed to the principle of fair trade and sustainable jewelry.

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