Octo Lux

Dive into the Depths of Artisan Beauty:

Meet the one-of-a-kind octopus, your gateway to the shimmering world of hand-crafted artistry! ✨ This exquisite pendant, born from the passion of an artisan's touch, features a mesmerizing Tahitian pearl, its organic beauty as unique as the creature it cradles.

The pearl's grey green hues glisten like sunlit treasures from the deep, while cognac diamond eyes twinkle with captivating brilliance. Each tentacle, meticulously sculpted by hand, forms a delicate loop, ready to embrace your chosen chain.

This is more than jewelry; it's a story whispered in precious metals and whispered by the tides. Own a piece of the ocean's magic, wear the whisper of artistry, and let this captivating octopus adorn your story.

Pearl of Tahitian origin & made in USA Jewelry.

Sold without a chain 

Most of the products for sale are in-stock. However, due to the “hand-made” nature of our products, some require longer delivery times. Please allow 2 weeks from the time of purchase unless otherwise specified.

Thank you so much for all your business!

Pearls Black Market is committed to the principles of Fair Trade with producers, from whom we buy the pearls, as well as with our creative artisans of jewelry.

Fair Trade is part of the international strategy of sustainable development ensuring economic and social progress for producers of Tahitian pearls. Workers of Polynesian pearl farms are protected by strict labor laws, unlike many competing products generally imported from Asia often taken from sites ignoring working and environmental conditions.

A trading partnership, based on dialog, transparency and respect, whose objective is to achieve greater equity in world trade. It contributes to sustainable development  by offering better trading conditions and guaranteeing the rights of marginalized producers and workers in Tahiti.

In addition, production of Polynesian pearls allows native islanders to remain on their islands of origin and find a job and maintain resourceful communities.

Tahitian pearls are a true product of fair trade and sustainable  development versus industrial produced fresh water pearls often artificially colored  that are confusing the market and fooling  the profane customers.

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