South Pacific encounter in Pacific Northwest

Black Market Pearls at Studio Oasis 41- Oregon

The Owners of Studio Oasis 41, Patrick Lillie and Bob Williams were so gracious to open the studio for Skyler to host this fantastic event, as well as be a part of the production.

The outcome of this group event collaboration was a complete success. Black Market Pearls showcased the best of Pearls to Junction City as well as to the Pacific North West. Black Market Pearls received top notch exposure with in the creative world and many great product photos as a result. Exquisite product photos were taken as well as new friendships were made during the event.

Special thanks to those whom participated : Models, Photographer's, Hair & Makeup, and Designers include the following : Skyler Bleu, Tiffany Curran, LuLu Ngo, Candice Forsberg, Lacie Renae, Camille Young, Patrick Lille, Garth Mortensen, Brian Pham, Brandi Lynn, Brett Howard, David Hicks, Andrea Villasenor-Lipstick Artistry, Racie Lacie MUA, Brian Pham Hairstyles, Black Market Pearls and Oscar Lopez of Oscar Dominick House of Couture Fashion.

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